Selasa, 30 September 2014

Reported Speech

Tom is going into town and Susan wants him to do something for her there.
   “It’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow. Will you get her some flowers in town? She loves roses.”
   Tom is saying “Don’t worry. I’ll get her some! I won’t forget!”

Questions :
1.       What does Susan want Tom to do?
2.       Ask why! (and answer)
3.       Ask and answer these questions!
a)      When/birthday
b)      What sort of flowers
4.       What is Tom saying?

(a)    Where/Tom?
(b)   What/Susan?
(c)    Susan’s question: flowers?
(d)   Tom’s answer? (worry. Forget.)

Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

Future in the past

Future in the past

This man’s wife has just had twins. Two months
Ago the doctor said she was going to have only
One baby. The man is very surpised. “ i was
Sure you were going to have only one baby. I
Never dreamt you were going to have twins!”
He is saying.
Questions :
1.what has just happened?
2.why is the man so surpised?
3.ask if the doctor knew!
4.what is the man saying? correct the false statements like this:

Prompt:the woman has just had a baby.
Response: no , she has just had twins.