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 Many Americans like to invite friends to their
homes for an informal dinner. They may serve a
simple, family-style meal. Often Americans show their
hospitality by treating the guest as "one of the family."
Americans often tell guests, "Make you at home." They
want their guests to relax and be comfortable, just as
they do in their own homes. If you are invited for
dinner, it's customary to bring a small gift such as a
bottle of wine or fresh flowers.


1. Which of the following is not suitable to complete the
    sentence? In an informal dinner it is good for a guest to   ...
    A. behave as if he were at his own home
    B. bring a present for the hostess
    C. relax and be comfortable
    D. arrange some flowers
    E. bring some wine

2. The text discusses about ...
   A. the expression, "Make yourself at home"
   B. hospitality among friends in the U.S.
   C. American family-style dinner
   D. inviting friends for a dinner
   E. informal dinner

3. Which of the following does not show the Americans
     friend lines?
    A. Inviting friends to their homes for dinner
    B. Treating their guest as member of their family
    C. Wanting their guest to relax
    D. Making their guest comfortable
    E. Asking their guest to bring present for them

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