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Today, I’d like to tell you a legend from South Sea, Central Java. The title is The Stone Flower or Bunga Batu. Well, listen carefully. A long long time ago the people of Wanakerta Kingdom were very worried because the Queen Dewi Kalasekti had suffered from a strange illness for a long time. Doctors and shamans were ordered to cure the Queen, but the queen was not healed. Meanwhile, the high priest of the kingdom was praying to God, when he heard a voice echoing, “The queen can be cured by the stone flower. This flower has no leaves or stem. It is white. It grows on a stone hill in the same direction of the sunset.”Well, the queen ordered Tumenggung Arungbinang to search for the flower.
 Tumenggung Arungbinang was a brave, honest and loyal nobleman.It so happened then, Tumenggung Arungbinang followed the direction of the sunset. Finally he arrived at a steep hill slope near the South Sea. What happened then ?He climbed up the hill. But Alas! As he was climbing up the hill, he slipped and he slid down, he rolled over and fell down unconsciously.Well, slowly, he woke up and you know what? He saw a beautiful princess treating his wound gently. Then she fed him with some hot soup.“Who are you really, princess ?” asked Tumenggung Arungbinang.“ I am Dewi Tisnawati, the guardian fairy who guard the stone flower garden.” said Dewi Tisnawati gently. “It’s God’s will that the first man who comes here will be my husband to-be. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. ““But … but….. I have to get the stone flower for my queens, princess. She is terribly ill. “ said Arungbinang.“Don’t worry. You’ll recover soon and I’ll show you the way to get the flower.”So to cut a long story, Tumenggung Arungbinang managed to get the stone flower with the help of Dewi Tisnawati. Do you know what the stone flower was ? The stone flower was actually the swallow’s nest. It was made of the bird’s saliva when it was sleeping.
 The nest was stuck on the cave wall of Karangbolong hill.“ Would you come back to me and marry me after you have finished your task ? “ pleaded Dewi Tisnawati.“ Yes, you have my word, Dewi.” replied Tumenggung Arungbinang.Arungbinang took the flower to the queen and the stone flower was made into soup and given to the queen. Day by day, the queen was getting healthier and healthier.
 The queen was touched by Arungbinang’s story and gave her blessing for Arungbinang to marry Dewi Tisnawati.So in the end, Tumenggung Arungbinang and Dewi Tisnawati married and lived at Karangbolong hill.

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