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Reading of education
At the age of five all children must attend a school. If they do not a school, their parents are breaking the law. Children of this age have to pay a child’s fare on trains, buses, and underground railway systems.  At five years of age, a child may go to a children’s film without their parents or an other adult.

At the age of seven a child can open a saving bank account and draw money from the  account. Three years later at the age of ten a child can be convicted of a crime if it can be proved that he or she knew they were doing something  wrong. At the age of twelve you can walk into a pet shop  on your own and purchase a pet. Children of this age are thought to be responsible enough to be able to look after a pet rabbit, for example: As you can see the responsibilities given to children increase with  age.
When you become a teenager at thirteen, you can have a part-time job. However you can not work for more than two hours on Scholl day or a Sunday. If you work longer hours, you would be tired to do your homework, and perhaps too tired to stay awake in class. At fourteen you can buy an air gun. At fifteen you can go on your  own to see category 15 film. You can also open a bank account, if your parents will act as guarantor, that is agree to pay any debts you can not pay. 

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