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S P O O F 1

I.    PURPOSE                                 : To tell an event with a humorous twist

II.  TEXT ORGANIZATION           : -  Orientation
                                                              ( who were involved in the story, when, and where )              
                                                           -  Events
                                                              ( tell what happened in the chronological order )
                                                           - Twist
                                                              ( provide the funniest part of the story )

III. LANGUANGE FEATURES     :  -  The use of action verbs
                                                              (e.g: sitting. talking. crying. walked. laughed. ran away)
                                                          -  The use of connectives (e.g: first. then. Finally)
                                                          -  The use of adverbial phrases of time and place
                                                              ( e.g: in the garden. Two days ago )
                                                          -   The use of simple past tense. (e.g: He saw a lot of people)
                                                          -  The use of simple past continuous tense
                                                              ( He was sitting by a window in his window)

     Nasreddin was sitting by a window in his house one day in the middle of winter, when he heard women outside crying. He put his head out of the window, and saw a lot of people coming towards his house. They were carrying a dead man, and the woman were crying, “Oh, why are you leaving us to go to a place without light and without a fire and without foot ? It will be dark there, and you will cold and hungry. Nobody will look after you, nobody will be kind to you, and nobody will love you there !”
            “My God !” said Nasreddin to his wife. “They are talking about our house. They are bringing the dead man here ! Quick, lock the door ! Don’t let him in !

Question :

1.  What was Nasreddin doing at the                       6. What were the people doing ?
     beginning of this story ?                                      7. What were the woman doing ?
2.  When was this ?                                                8.  What were they saying ?
3 . What did he hear ?                                            9.  What did Nasreddin say ?
4.  What did he do then ?                                     10.  Whom did he say this to ?
5.  What did he see ?

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