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People have always traded. Why have they traded? They have traded because they have wanted a better life. At first people exchanged their things for other things. Now people buy and sell things-they trade for money.
Many foreigners have come to Indonesia for trade. The first traders come for spices. That was very long time ago. Now the traders come here for many other things.
History has shown us that a country has to trade if its people want a better life. Indonesia is trying hard to im-prove its trade. It sells many things to other countries but the most important things are oil, rubber, tin and copra.
What has trade with other countries brought us? If its brought the things that we do not make. The cars that we drive, the trains that we ride in, and the watches that we wear are example of these things. It is not hard to understand that have made life better.
But we can trade only if we have more things that we need. So we have to make or produce more things to sell.

1. How did people trade many years ago ?
    A. They brought and sold things.
    B. They borrowed things from other.
    C. They lent their things to others.
    D. They exchanged things for other things.
    E. They went to the market to get their things

2. Why did the first traders from other countries come to Indonesia ?
    They came for ...
    A. Things.
    B. Money.
    C. Spices.
    D. Rubber.
    E. Oil.

3. Indonesia has been trying hard to ... its products so that other countries will buy them.
    A. Send.
    B. Improve.
    C. Bring.
    D. Exchange.
    E. Make.

4. Which paragraph tell us about trade that has brought the things we don't make ? It is told in the ...
     A. First.
     B. Second.
     C. Third.
     D. Fourth.
     E. Fifth
5.  The word "it" (paragraph 3), refer to ...
     A. Indonesia.
     B. History.
     C. Country.
     D. Trade.
     E. Life

6. Many foreigners come to Indonesia for trade
    The underline word means ...
    A. Product.
    B. Economy.
    C. Commerce.
    D. Exchange.
    E. Marketing

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