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Years ago, young children used to say that they wanted to become train drivers or bus drivers. Today, some children are -say, 'When I grow up I want to be an astronaut'. And it is quite possible that some of these children will do just that. In a few years we have made enormous progress towards living and working in space. Here are some important dates in the history of space travel.
1957 The Russians send a rocket into space and Sputnik 1, the first satellite, is sent into orbit around
          the earth.
1961. Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space.
1969 The American put a man on the moon. NASA astronaut, Neil Armstrong, becomes the first man
          to walk oh the moon.
1971. NASA launches Mariner 9. Five months later, it becomes the first spaceship to orbit the planet Mars.
1973 Pioneer 10 was launched by the USA. The little spacecraft has already gone beyond the nine planets
          and passed out of the solar system. It will go into deep space beyond our galaxy. It will travel billions
         of miles and journey past distant stars to the farthest points in the universe.
1977 NASA launches Voyagers 1 and 2. These two spacecraft fly close by and photograph the four large
          outer planets of the solar system:
          Jupiter in 1979; Saturn in 1980-81; Uranus in 1986; Neptune in 1989.
1982. NASA launches the space shuttle Columbia. This is the first manned spaceship to leave the earth
          and return so that it can be used again.
1990s Both the Soviets and the Americans plan to build huge space stations which will orbit the earth.
          There are plans to continue to put a man on Mars.

Taken from Vocabulary Builder

1. The text focuses on the information about ...
    A. the successful mission of sending astronauts to the moon
    B. the important dates of the launching of spacecraft
   C. the success of the Soviets' outer space project
   D. the discovery of the four large outer planets
   E. the observation on certain planets
2. The first spaceship to orbit the planet Mars is …
    A. Mariner 9
    B. Sputnik 1
   C. Voyager 1
   D. Voyager 2
   E. Pioneer !0
3. The Americans launched Pioneer 10 in ...
    A. 1957
    B. 1969
    C. 1973
    D. 1971
    E. 1982

4. Which statement is not true according to the text
    A. NASA launched Voyager 1 in 1971
    B. The first man in space was in 1961.
   C. The first satellite was sent by the Russians
   D. It was the Americans who launched Pioneer 10
   E. The space shuttle Columbia can be used for more than once
5. Pioneer 10 is launched by the USA.
   The word 'launched means ... into outer space.
   A. charged
   B. thrown
   C. pushed
   D. sent
   E. burst

6. "Both the Soviets and the Americans plan to build huge space stations which will orbit the earth." (1990s)
   The word 'huge' means very ...
   A. large
   B. broad
  C. bulky
  D. heavy
  E. wide

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