Selasa, 04 September 2012

Reading ( A )

Scientists and doctors say that about 34 million Americans are too fat. Why is this? One cause is the kind of food Americans eat. Many Americans like "fast food". These foods (such as hamburgers and ice cream) often have fattening things in them. Another cause is the way Americans eat. They often eat little snacks between regular meals. These extra foods add extra fat on the body. A third cause is not enough exercise. Americans like driving everywhere, instead of walking. They often have machines to do a lot of the work. Some Americans are also too heavy because of health problems. But for most of those 34 million Americans, the problem is the American life-style.

1.The topic of the paragraph above is about ...
   A. the way Americans eat
   B. Americans' favorite food
   C. the kinds of American food
   D. why many Americans are fat
   E. the causes of health problems

2.The main idea of the paragraph is ...
   A. Fast foods make the majority of Americans fat.
   B. Many Americans are fat because of their way of life.
   C. Being fat, many Americans do not have enough exercise.
   D. Eating snacks between regular meals add extra fat on the body.
   E. 34 million Americans have, health problems caused by too much fat.

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