Jumat, 07 September 2012


Why is Mexico City growing so fast? Where are all these people coming from? They are coming to the city from the country. Life is hard on the farms in Mexico! Most people on farms have to live a very simple life. They have no extra money for modem things. People think life in the city must be better. So they leave their farms and move to Mexico City.

1. The best topic of the above paragraph is ...
    A. life in Mexico City today
    B. modern life in Mexico City
    C. the population in Mexico City
    D. why country people move to Mexico City
    E. how Mexican farmers live in the country

2. What is the main idea of the paragraph above?
    A. Mexico/City is growing extremely fast.
    B. Population in Mexico City is growing fast.
    C. Living conditions in the city are very good.
    D. The farmers living in the city have a better life
    E. The hard life in the country makes the people move to the city.

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