Minggu, 16 September 2012

A news item genre

MANILA (AFP): The Philippines has the most
number of endemic bird species which are in danger of
extinction, according to a nation wide wildlife report
obtained here yesterday.
"The Philippine Red Data book', written by the
Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines, noted
that the country has 40 endangered bird species more
than any other country.
This includes the Cebu flower-pecker of which
only four are known to still be alive, making it the most
endangered bird in the world, the 'Red Data Book"
An endangered species is defined as one hat has a
20 percent chance of becoming extinct in 20 years.
The 'Data Book' said the threat of extinction was
due to the growing destruction of the forests which are
the habitats of the birds and other wild animals, many
of which are similarly endangered

1. The text is about ...
   A. the 'Philippine Red Data Book' on animals
   B. the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Philippines
  C. the number of endemic bird species still available
  D. the endangered habitats of birds in the Philippines
  E. a report about the extinction of he most endangered birds
2. According to the 'Red Data Book',
    some birds and wild  animals area in danger of extinction because people ...
  A. hunt them for sports
  B. keep destroying forests
  C. more their habitats
  D. change forests into their habitats
  E. catch them to be domesticated

3. Endangered species are ...

  A. the forty percent of bird species in the world
  B. all wild animals except the Cebu flower-pecker
  C. birds which now remains twenty percent
  D. the endemic bird species kept in- captivity
  E. catch them to be domesticated

4. "...the threat of extinction was due to ..."(paragraph 5)
   The word 'threat" means ...
   A. notice
   B. warning
   C. danger
   D. statement
   E. announcement

Purpose :
 A new item is factual text used to inform readers, listeners or viewers about
 events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important.
The generic structure of a news item genre consists of:
1. Newsworthy events.
2. Background events
3. Sources


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