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   To tell an event with a humorous twist

   -  Orientation
      ( who were involved in the story, when, and where )           
   -  Events
      ( tell what happened in the chronological order )
   - Twist
      ( provide the funniest part of the story )

   -  The use of action verbs
       (e.g: sitting. talking. crying. walked. laughed. ran away)
   -  The use of connectives (e.g: first. then. Finally)
   -  The use of adverbial phrases of time and place
       ( e.g: in the garden. Two days ago )
   -   The use of simple past tense. (e.g: He saw a lot of people)
   -  The use of simple past continuous tense
       ( He was sitting by a window in his window)

One day Nasreddin went to a big dinner party. He was wearing old clothes, and when he came in, nobody looked at him and nobody gave him a seat at a table. So Nasreddin went home, put on his best clothes, and then went back to the party. The host at once got up and came to meet him. He took him to the best table, gave him a good seat, and offered him the best dishes.
Nasreddin put his coat in the food and said, “Eat, coat !”
The other guests were very surprised and said, “what are you doing ?”
Nasreddin answered, “I was inviting my coat to eat. When I was wearing my old clothes, nobody looked at me or offered me food or drink. Then I went home and came back in these clothes, and you gave me the best food and drink. So you gave me these things for my clothes,not for myself.”

Question :
1. What did Nasreddin do one day ?                                          
2. What was he wearing ?                                                     
3. What happened when he came in ?                                    
4. What did Nasreddin do then ?                                           
5. What happened when he went back to the party ?             
6. What did Nasreddin do then ?  
7  What did he say ?
8. How did the other guests feel ?
 9. What did they say ?
 10. What was Nasreddin’s answer ?

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