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Wacana ( A )

Forest the oldest and most diverse ecosystem, are important for their products. They also keep soil fertile, ensure the supply of constant water under the ground, regulate the climate and prevent floods.
The leaves which have fallen to the ground become some kind of substance. This substance which is called humus is a fertilizer to the soil. Humus holds rain water during the wet season, stores it and then waters the fields in the dry season.
Thus the fields can produce more crops. For years many people haven't been obeying the government's regulations and have been cutting down the trees excessively. As a result, thousands of hectares of what used to be good forest lands have become waste. These people are not aware that without forest nothing prevents the water will wash away the soil to the river. It may cause floods which will destroy the farmland and villages. For all this reason, the state Minister of Development, Supervision and Environment has consistently been trying to keep on asking our people to stop destroying the forest and conducting the campaign for forest conservation.

1. The State Minister of Development Supervision and Environment of Indonesia (in 1987)is ...
    A. Mr. Supardjo Rustam
    B. Mr. Muchtar Kusumaatmaja
    C. Mr. Harmoko
    D. Mr. Emil Salim
    E. Mr. BJ.Habibie

2. Forest product are ...
   A. food, minerals, and fish
   B. wood, food, and salt
   C. food, oil, and fish
   D. oil, minerals, food, and clothes
   E. Rattan, rubber, log, and resin

3. ... makes the soil good for plants to grow.
   A. climate
   B. humus
   C. crop
   D. mineral
   E. floods

4. Forest destruction can cause ...
   A. natural disasters and unfertile land
   B. to reduce food product and make air fresh
   C. the water supply in the ground to decrease and the soil becomes fertile
   D. food product to increase and erosion
   E. food and forest product to incre

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