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A certain hunter had found a piece of forest where there were plenty of animals to hunt. The only trouble was that the place was very difficult to get to.

He returned from his first visit to the place in late autumn, and could not get back until the snows melted in the following spring. Then he went to the pilot of a small plane, who earned his living by carrying hunters over parts of the country where there were no roads and no railways, and asked him to take him back to his favorite piece of forest,

The pilot did not know the place, so the hunter showed it to him on the map. ‘But there is nowhere to land there, man !’ said the pilot. ‘I have flown over that part of the country on my way to other places, and I know that we can’t land anywhere between this river and these mountains.’

‘I thought you were a wonderful pilot,’ said the hunter. ‘Some of my friends said you could land a plane on a postage stamp.’

‘That’s right,’ answered the pilot. ‘I can land a plane where nobody else can. But I tell you there is nowhere to land in the place you are talking about.’

‘And what if I tell you that another pilot did land me there last spring ?’ said the hunter. ‘Is that true ?’ asked the pilot. ‘Yes it is. I swear it.’ Well, this pilot could not let himself be beaten by another, so he agreed to take the hunter.

When they reached the place, the hunter pointed out a small spot without trees in the middle of the forest, with a steep rise at one end. The pilot thought that there was not enough room the land there, but the hunter said that the other pilot had done so the year before, so down went the plane. When it came to the rise, it turned right over onto its back. As the hnter climbed out, he smiled happily and said, ‘yes, that is exactly how the other pilot managed it last time.’

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