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Mary and Mrs. Davies were invited to Christmas drink sat a hotel one year. They left their car in the car-park outside and went in. Mr. Davies was proud of the fact that he never got drunk, so he was careful not to drink too much, in spite of his host’s attempts to press more and more on him.
During the party, Mrs. Davies found that she had forgotten to bring a handkerchief, so she asked her husband to go out to the car and get her one. He did so, but on his away back to hotel entrance, he heard a car horn blowing in the car-park. Thinking someone might be in trouble, he went over to the car from which the notice was coming. He found a small black bear sitting in the driving-seat and blowing the horn.
When Mr. Davies got back to the party, he told several people about the black bear, but of course they did not believe him and thought he was drunk. When he took them out to the car-park to show them that his story was true, he found that the car with the bear in it had gone.
There were so many jokes about Mr. Davies’s black bear during the following days that he at las put an advertisement in the local paper: ‘Will anybody who saw a black bear blowing the horn in a car outside the Central Hotel at about 7 p.m. on Christmas Day please phone . . . . ‘
Two days later a Mrs Richards phoned to say that she and her husband had left their pet bear Honey pot in their car outside the Central Hotel for a few minutes that evening, and that it was quite possible that he had been blowing the horn. Mrs Richards did not seem to think there was anything strange about that. ‘Honey pot likes blowing car horns,’ she said, ‘and we don’t mind as long as we are not actually driving the car


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