Rabu, 02 April 2014


Future in the past 2

This is a scene from a cowboy film. Sheriff.
Wyatt Jones came into the Crazy Cactus Saloon
A few seconds ago. A stranger was standing at
the bar when Jones came in he put his hand his pocket and Jones shot him dead.
“ I thought he was going to take out a revolver.
I thought he was going to shoot me . that
why J shot him first! Jones is saying in fact
the man was only going to look at his watch.

1.What was the stranger doing when Jones came in?
2.What did the stranger do?
3.What did Jones do? ask why
4. What was the stranger really going to do?
5.Correct the statements as before!
a)  Jones knew the man.
b) He shot him because he did not like him.
c)  He knew he was going to take out his watch.


(a)    When/sheriff/saloon?
(b)   Who/at the bar?
(c)    Why/Jones/shoot?
(d)   What/man really?


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