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Future in the past  3

A Few weeks before Christmas the old
Millionaire told his young girl friend that he
 was going to give her “ a little present”.
It is Christmas morning now .
 he has just given her the present.
 In fact, he has not given her “ a little present” at all.
He has just given her a large diamond ring.
The girl is very surprised .
 “ I never realized you were going to give me a diamond ring.
I thought you were going to give me a car,
 or something like that!” she is Saying.

1.       What did he tell her a few weeks ago?”
2.       What day is it now and what has he just done?
3.       Why is the girl so surprised?
4.       Correct the statements in full sentences!
a).  The girl thought he was going to give her a car.
b). The girl realized two weeks ago he was going to give her the ring.


(a)    When/ millionaire/a little present?
(b)   What/he/just?
(c)    Why/she/surprised?

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