Senin, 16 Februari 2015

Requests and Offers

Requests and offers and
Take/get/bring/show someone something
Deborah feels terrible this morning. “Shall I bring you some tea now?”
her maid asked her a few seconds ago. “No, bring me an aspirin instead,”
Deborah told her. The maid is going to get her the aspirin now.

1. Ask how Deborah feels this morning?
2.  What exactly did the maid ask her?
3.  What exactly did Deborah tell her?
4. What is the maid going to do?

Make questions for words this following :
(a)    How/Deborah? Feel?             
(b)   What/maid/say?
(c)    What/Deborah/ Want?
(d)   What/maid?

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