Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

USING OF Some, any, a few, a little

Unit 5                     Some, any, a few, a little

This is a small demonstration in a London park. 
There are some demonstrators and some policemen in the park, 
but only a few. There are not any soldiers there but there are a few tourists. 
There are also some reporters there; in fact, there are quite    . 
There are also some birds in the trees but they are not very interested in the demonstration.

1.      Ask questions with “ are there any...?”
Answer with ‘some’ or ‘not any’
a)      Policemen                         d) demonstrators
b)      Soldiers                             e) tourists
c)      Reporters                          f)  birds
2.      Now ask questions with “How many... are there?”
Answer with ‘a few’ or ‘quite a few’

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