Senin, 22 April 2013

Liu-Always-in-a-Hurry (MAPEL KLS II )

In China long ago, there was a farmer named
Liu. He was not a patient man. He was very
impatient. He was always in a hurry. He rushed
through breakfast. He rushed through lunch. He
rushed through his work. He wanted to be fi rst in
every thing. He didn’t worry about being careful in
his work. He just wanted to fi nish it quickly.
One day, Liu was in the village. Some farmers
were talking about their rice.
"My rice is doing very well,” said one farmer.
“It is almost three inches high.”
"My rice is already three inches high,” said
another farmer.
Liu hurried home. He measured his rice. The
plants were strong and healthy. But they were
only two inches high.
Liu decided to hurry his plants along. He
pulled each plant up from the ground until it was
over three inches high. “Now my rice is higher
than anyone’s.” he thought. “Tomorrow it will
be even higher!”
The next morning. Liu hurried out to his rice
fi eld. The little rice plants were dead.
The people of the village soon heard about
Liu’s rice. They laughed and shook their heads.
They said, “Foolish Liu always-in-a-hurry!
That’s what happens when you don’t have any
This story happened long ago. But today in
China, people have a saying for someone who is
not patient or careful: “Don’t be a rice puller!”

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