Senin, 22 April 2013


Honey is the sweet, thick fluid made by bees from flower nectar. Nectar is a thin, watery
liquid. Bees sip it from the blossoms and carry it to their hives. Each worker bee has
a pouch in its body, called a honey stomach where the nectar is stored. In the pouch,
the sugar and nectar are broken down by a process called inversion into two simple sugars
fructose and glucose. After bees deposit the nectar in the hive, they allow most
of the water to evaporate and the liquid thickens.
They also add enzyme that enhance the flavor. Honey is an excellent energy food because
it contains simple sugars that can be used quickly by the body. It differs chemically
from cane sugar, which is also an energy food. Honey contains mineral salts and
other materials needed by the body. It is the only form of sugar food that does not
need to be refined.

Taken from The World Book Encyclopedia, 1996


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