Senin, 22 April 2013

The Kind Duck and the Poor Frog

One beautiful summer's day, a duck decided to go to the river for a picnic.
She took a lot of food with her, and was really looking forward to eating it. She
sat down on the river bank and spread the food out in front of her.
"You're not going to eat all that food yourself, are you?" said a small voice.
She looked up and saw a frog sitting at the water's edge.
"Please give me some of it. I am very poor and very hungry, " pleaded the
frog, wiping a tear from his eye. She gave him a sandwich. To her

surprise he did not eat it, but simply put it on the ground beside him.
"Won't you give me something else?
After all, my need is greater than yours." Bit by bit, the kind-hearted duck
handed over most of her food: cakes and biscuits, apples and sweets. Soon,
the frog had a huge pile of food next to him. With an effort he picked it all up,
put it on his back, and started to swim away across the river. But the food was
so heavy that he sank like a stone, and the duck never saw him again.

Taken from Cassell's Student's English Grammar

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