Rabu, 20 Juni 2012


SUBJECT : A letter complaining about 
                   The monitor which arrived 
                    badly damaged.
Example :                         
                                      Bogor, 2nd  July, 2012
                                         JAWA – BARAT
Tomang Co, Ltd.
Electrical Supplies

Dear Sir,
      The computer No.JB/2712/ which I order from you on July 19th arrived last night.
      I’m very much regret to have to inform you that the monitor has been badly damaged. When I opened the packing case I found that the lid of the Monitor had been cracked and surface of the monitor  has been scratched.
Would you please let me know whether you would be  willing to send me new the monitor and if I should arrange  to return the damaged one to you.
    In the meantime, I shall hold on to the monitor you sent until I hear from you.

                                       Yours faithfully,

                                        (Lei Lasinrang)

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