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Read this text carefully.      
        Once upon time a small monkey was jumping at the big tree. He found a nest of bird and felt so happy. A small monkey took the nest of bird. All birds frightened and begun to flew away to another place, excepted a youngest bird that couldn't flew away. The birds felt so very sad when they looked at it.
   A small monkey was very glad. He cached a youngest bird, nestled it his chest. He always kissed with flattery on the way when he went back his home. He didn't aware that a youngest bird was still brittle and weakly. 
     The big monkey saw a small monkey and couldn't say anything. A small monkey shout out very cheerfully. "a beautiful bird! I'm very love you! you are it's mine." a small monkey always  wipe it, and finally a youngest bird was died.

Moral message.
This story give a lesson to us that love isn't wrong. Love is amazing, but when love become an obsession, It is a dangerous. We don't  cosher to our children overabundance and must take attitude giving an educating to them.

Language Feature
Use Simple Past tense.
      1. + All birds flew away to another place.
          -  All birds didn't fly away to another place.
          ?  Did all birds fly away to another place?

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