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 Once upon the time, Nasreddin was very poor. He didn't have money to buy even same fruits. He knew that his neighbor had a rich garden of the fruit trees. But the garden was surrounded by a high concrete fence.
          Nasredin climbed the fence and jumped into garden. He climbed up the most fruitful tree. He picked some fruits and put them into his bag. Suddenly someone said, “Hey, Sir ! What are doing up their? This my garden, don’t you know?”
          Nasreddin was afraid and ashamed. He answered “A big cyclone   swept me here, Sir. I don’t know what to do.” Then the man was smiling and saying, “I am sorry to hear that. But why did you pick my fruit?”. “When the cyclone swept me into the garden, I lost my balance and tried to hold something. And I could only reach the fruit” Nasredin answered. “Really?” the main said, “Then, why are they in your bag ?”
          Nasreddin answered “Well that’s what I am thinking about now. Why are they in my bag?”. “Well, ... well don’t know you why. Ha ... ha ... perhaps the cyclone blew them into your bag. Now take out and dismiss!”  said the owner of the garden. Feeling ashamed, Nasredin left the garden.

Vocabulary :
  big cyclone   : topan besar
  dismiss         : membebaskan


1. The communicative purpose of the text is ...
    a. To describe what had already happened
    b. To explain what happened to Nasreddin
    c. To entertain readers with amusing story
    d. To tell about one’s unforgettable experience
    e. To retell an informative occurrence experienced
         by Nasreddin

2. The complication of the story begins when ...
    a. Nasredin reached the fruit
    b. Nasredin climbed up the tree
    c. Nasredin felt affraid and ashamed
    d. The clyclone swept Nasreddin to the garden
    e. The owner of the garden saw Nasredin picking
        the fruit

3. Nasreddin climbed the fence ... (part 2). 
    The antonym of the underlined word is ...
    a. Attended         d.  Descended
    b. Ascended e.  Surmounted
    c. Scanned

4. The text above tell us that Nasreddin ...
     a. Didn't pick the fruit d. Has a garden
     b. Is always honest         e. Doesn’t have a bag
     c. Is a liar

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