Selasa, 19 Juni 2012


SUBJECT : A letter regretting that a friend
                    of yours cannot come with you
                    on an excursion and expressing
                    that he will be able to come
                    another time.


                                       Bogor, 14th June 2012
                                          JAWA – BARAT
Dear Mom,
         Your card arrived this morning and you can imagine how disappointed I was to hear that you have a cold. You must take rest for a day or two.
         Last night I and my friend made final arrangements for tomorrow’s excursion. We’ll be setting off very early. I promise I won’t oversleep this time! However nice the weather is, the trip won’t be the same without you.
        I hope you won’t be too miserable in bed and that you’ll be able to come with us next week as usual.

                                          Yours sincerely.
                                          (Lei Lasinrang)

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