Senin, 25 Juni 2012


Subject : A letter from someone intending
to open a bag - shop and inquiring about
the possibility of obtaining kinds of bags.


                                   Bogor, 25th June, 2012
                                      JAWA – BARAT

The Manager,
“The bag shop”,
Tajur Bogor
Jawa - Barat

Dear Mr. Toni,
          I have been seeing the kinds of bags catalogue you gave me while I was Depok and I feel that there would be considerable demand here for many of the bags on your list.
          By mid – July I shall have opened a bag –shop of my own in which I hope to sell the kinds of bags. Would you please let me know whether you would be prepared to keep me supplied with some bags produced in the early this month? I would also like to know whether lots May and June in your catalogue are still available.
          My kindest regard to your wife.

                                  Your sincerely,

                                  (Lei Lasinrang)

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